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Our Platform. My Comittment to you

For Ward 7

Champion North Park Project, A state of the art Community Facility:
What’s a better way to unify a community than a community center? Ward 7 needs a community focal point, a year-round facility that meets the needs of all residents. The planned North Park Project, a recreational complex, brings forth a community center,
a library, outdoor recreation, as well as addition to youth and senior centers. The funding of this project has been delayed eight years, until 2026 due to insufficient representation of our ward. As your Regional Councillor, I will champion this project. I will fight to reinstate the funding, so our community not only has what it wants, but what it needs.

Ward 7 is rapidly growing, and as our community expands in all directions, so should our transit system. Improving and expanding smarter transit for all ages will make it more affordable for seniors and low-income families. Bringing local transit to Burnhamthorpe Road will ensure that we are connected to Northern communities. I will fight for a smart, more frequent transit that will connect our residents to Go
stations, community focal points and other municipalities.
Safety is a major concern in our ward. Our roads are not safe. Studies have shoes that only stop signs and yield signs are as effective. Proper signage, and speed control monitors are required on streets such as Sixteen Mile Drive, North Park Blvd, Wheat
Boom Dr, George Savage Ave, Threshing Mill Gate, Post Rd, Ernest Appelbe Blvd, Postridge Dr, and Eighth Line. Safety measures such as camera surveillance and police presence must be reinforced to prevent robberies, break-ins, drugs, fire, vandalism and
gang violence.

Smarter Oakville:
Our community is not sufficiently engaged in municipal affairs. I will work to make Oakville smarter through digitalization, so the community can participate in matters that affect their daily lives and decision-making process:

  • Online Voting

  • Sharing Ideas

  • Participation in Town Hall Meetings

  • Surveys on Town Initiatives

  • Raising concerns


Taking Care Of Our Future:
The youth of our community is the future of this country. We must provide them with opportunities to be educated and involved through positive activities. In addition to the North Park Project, I am committed to allocate more youth mentorship and after

school programs. We must also work with provincial counterparts, to strategically build schools and introduce more breakfast and snack clubs; as it is crucial for attentive learning. Community Sports Leagues, Art, Drama, Music, & Study Programs
are a proven way to keep youth involved on the right track in addition to building character and confidence. Implementing these programs will make our future more promising than ever.

Oakville needs an increasingly vibrant economy. With our well-educated work-force leaving town everyday for their employment needs, we are not growing to the best of our potential. I plan to address our zoning, by-laws, permits, and parking to make
Oakville and Ward 7 a more attractive place for small to medium businesses to invest in. The addition of facilities and community centers will improve overall interest in personal investments and home value.

Optimizing Tax Dollars:
Ward 7 residents are saying their tax rates are too high. Taxes should be consistent with development and services provided. The real issue is accountability. Where are our tax dollars going? We need our services and infrastructure to support the rapid
development of this community. I will fight to make sure our tax money is respected and spent wisely and effectively.

I will act as a liaison between federal and provincial counterparts to increase investment for infrastructure, schools, housing and settlements.

Preserving and improving Green spaces and public parks is very important. Designated
space for vegetable and flower gardens will keep Oakville


Parking has been a major issue in our ward for several years. With new high density neighbourhoods, we are seeing parking issues arise everyday. Our residents are sacrificing their hard earned money on parking tickets, usually when guest spend the night.  As your Regional Councillor I will review by-laws, advocate for designated visitor parking, and online temporary permits. It's about time our tax money is respected as we tackle an issue that is affecting thousands of residents everyday.

Ward 7... This is for you:
I was born a fighter and I am going to continue to fight for what I believe in. I am a strong advocate for diversity, inclusion and multiculturism. Join me in the pledge to connect the missing link. Together, let’s build a stronger community for a unified, safe and the most liveable Oakville.


Shahrez Daniyal Hayder

Your Candidate

Ward 7, Regional Councillor